Ang Lee: Brokeback Mountain was not a “social statement”

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The director of Brokeback Mountain has revealed that he never meant for the hit film to become a social statement about homosexuality.

Ang Lee told a press conference to Chinese media that he never wanted the movie to be seen as controversial, he said, “For me, Brokeback isn’t rebellious at all. It’s a very ordinary movie, people call it groundbreaking or what not. It puts a lot of pressure on me.”

“But I didn’t feel this way when I was making the movie, this is the way gays are. It’s just that

Observers have been speculating that the gay cowboy movie lost out on the Oscar best-picture award because of its subject matter. The Taiwanese filmmaker won the award for best director at the ceremony last weekend. He is the first Asian recipient of the accolade.

Critics hailed the film as socially significant and a symbol of tolerance.