Gay Games given the row ahead

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The vote banning the Gay Games rowing event from Crystal Lake in Chicago has been reversed.

After a deadlock vote last month, it was thought that the proposal had failed and the event would have to be moved, but a rescheduled full committee poll this week gave approval for the event to go ahead.

The Crystal Lake Park District Board rearranged a debate on the Gay Game’s application after not all members were present at the first vote. Board member Jerry Sullivan, who had been away for the first decision, cast the decisive vote.

He told the Chicago Sun-Times, “I think it shows our openness as a community and our fairness.”

Residents, gay rights activists, ministers and legal experts attended the meeting to raise issues ranging from tolerance, the human rights and fear the games would promote promiscuity.

The rowing event is one of the smaller events of 30 Gay Games sports, which are expected to draw 12,000 people to the Chicago area between July 15 and July 22.