Gay student suing school after expulsion

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A former medical student claims to have evidence that he was expelled from his university because he was gay.

Jeevan Padiyar, 29, told Manhattan Supreme Court that he had discovered a memo from a faculty member at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, which contains homophobic comments.

He told the court, where he is suing the school for wrongful expulsion, ” I’d like to think I’d be judged on the merits of my academic record and nothing, I am not willing to give up my medical career for what amounts to homophobia and bigotry.”

Lawyers defending the school said the memo was “very troubling.”

The document, written to Professor Marshall Horwitz, warns him to keep his distance from Mr Padiyar, and states that the school Dean “continues to remain concerned about your support of an openly gay student.”

The school says he was removed because he has sent hostile emails to staff members, which Mr Padiyar denies.