Transgendered man documents hair raising life

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A transgendered man who excelled in female beauty pageants around the UK is set to reveal all in a book documenting his journey from life as a woman to being a man.

The former female model, now called Rico Adrian Paris has courted media interest with his autobiography, Transman Bitesize, which tells the tale of 37 years as a woman called Helen Thompson, two marriages, and four children, until having a sex change.

Mr Paris, who has since grown a beard, will marry his female fiancée this summer, he told the Shropshire Star, “What I’m coming up against, day after day, is assumptions, stereotypes, lack of awareness and lack of education which is leading to the trans community being totally misrepresented.

“I wanted to write a book to use my personal story to try and educate the masses.”

He added, “I feel wonderful. I have never regretted it.”