Will Young has joined “anti-gay” Church- press claim

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The gay Pop Idol winner, Will Young has joined a Christian group that allegedly “frowns on homosexuality and labels it an ‘illness’.”

The Daily Mail today claims that the singer has joined a small group of disciples meeting in a formerly derelict church in South Kensington, West London. According to the newspaper, he became a regular worshipper after completing a controversial initiation programme criticised for brainwashing its devotees.

Young is believed to have first got involved with the evangelical Anglican Holy Trinity Brompton Church two years ago after he completed the controversial Christian outreach and initiation programme, the Alpha Course.

“I think when you get to the top, you realise that nothing is there. You are looking for truth and meaning,” David Clifton of the Holy Trinity Brompton told the Mail following a question on the star’s reasons for joining. “Will did the Alpha Course and has kept up his relationship with the church.”

Terry Sanderson, Vice President of the National Secular Society and activist in the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association told PinkNews.co.uk that he is surprised that the star has joined the controversial group: “I am shocked, that someone like this would do this. People can do all sorts of things that can damage them, alpha can be one of these.”

Mr Sanderson, who has long criticised the Alpha course said that it is “fundamentalism wrapped up in pretty paper, well marketed but at base fundamental. It is completely anti gay. Those who are gay on the course do not get told this until it is too late.”

“Any gay person who gets involved in this will find their basic personalty will be challenged. When they have completed the course they are invited to a weekend where they are held in isolation. They call it the Holy Spirit Weekend and they are encouraged to become possessed with the holy spirit and speak in tongues.”

Responding to claims that millions of people have attended the course, Mr Sanderson said: “They talk themselves up into their big success, if they are converting millions why are so many empty?”

A spokesman told PinkNews.co.uk the church does not comment on idividuals, but gay people would be welcomed.