No Queen and Queen at prom

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No Queen and Queen at prom

Laura Murphy, a church attending Catholic school girl has been forbidden by school authorities from bringing her partner to her high school prom.

Though Ms Murphy had attended a school dance with Lindsey Shelton, a freshman at a local college, the school put its foot down over the all important prom in Cheektowaga, New York. A friend of Ms Murphy said: “We had a date dance at the beginning of the year, and they let her bring her girlfriend to that, so what’s the difference between a date dance and the prom?”

Though the school is reluctant to talk about it’s position to the media, it issued a statement defending it’s decision, based on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Ms Murphy said: “I’m still Catholic, and I still know the teachings, and I follow through for the most part, but this is one thing I disagree with strongly.”

“They teach to not judge people. It’s not their right to judge; it’s God’s right to judge. So I feel like they’re kind of being hypocritical.”

Though reluctantly Ms Murphy has agreed to attend the prom with a male friend, she said that she hoped her dilemma would highlight the problems that gay teens face. “I would hope that, in the future, they could rethink it again, and maybe change the laws,” she said.