Police officer’s gay internet jibes

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

US police officers are facing disciplinary procedures over homophobic and discriminatory internet postings on a popular website.

Photos and offensive comments were uploaded onto internet community site, MySpace, where the users called each other gay and disabled in a derogatory manner, it is believed that these actions broke the Lexington police force’s disciplinary code.

Police Chief Anthony Beatty of the Lexington Police in Massachusetts, told the Herald Leader, “Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, regardless of all the things that affect us in our lives, the expectation is that everyone is treated with respect in every encounter that we have with them,”

There are reportedly four officers involved, the police code proscribes that “you should not, as police officers, do anything or say anything or act in any way that would reflect negatively on the agency.”

Mr Beatty added, “We assure the citizens that we are thoroughly investigating and will take appropriate action at the conclusion of the investigation, when all the facts are in.”

The officers in question were unavailable for comment.