Gay groups question Lambeth councillor revelation

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A local paper has exposed a Lambeth councillor who posed naked on a gay website, prompting a negative response from gay groups.

The front page story of today’s South London Press, revealed the openly gay Liberal Democrat councillor, Charles Anglin, posted nude pictures of himself and recounted sexual wrestling fantasies on the Gaydar internet site.

Peter Tatchell of gay group Outrage, told, “This story is gratuitous titillation, there is not even a public interest grounds for revealing these details.

“He is not being hypocritical or homophobic.”

Mr Tatchell praised the councillor’s work in areas of lesbian gay transgender and bisexual rights, “Charles was a long-time and much valued activist in Outrage, he’s done much positive work for LGBT human rights. He doesn’t deserve to be sensationalised in this puerile way.”

Ben Summerskill from gay charity Stonewall, said: “As a Lambeth resident I don’t give a monkeys what he gets up to in private, I just wish he would arrange for my rubbish to be picked up.”

Cllr Anglin told the South London Press this is a private matter, he said: “I don’t see this is an issue? it is my private life. I am a libertarian. I don’t see what the fuss is about.

“Anyone who reads my profile will see that it is written in a fairly humorous way where I talk about who I am, my personal taste and the things that I don’t like.”

“The fact is we are a month away from the local elections and people think they might be able to cause some kind of embarrassment.”

“I am a gay man and I’ve always been open about my sexuality.”

Greg Truscott, chief reporter at the newspaper, wrote the story after an anonymous tip off, he told, “This story has nothing to do with Cllr Anglin’s sexuality, that is not what it is about.

“He is in the public eye, It is naïve to think he can post pictures of himself naked on a website with a global audience and think that it is a private matter.”