Prosecutor condemns ‘homosexual propaganda’

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Homosexual acts are a “perversion” in Russia, according to the Public Prosecutor of Southern State, Rostov Oblast.

Dmitry Tikhonov, from the Division of Law Execution Relating to Minors, has condemned two broadcasting agencies for transmitting phone messages “which contained alternative sexual orientation propaganda.”

Telephone Radio Company Pulse and Company EkspoVIM, have been threatened with charges for the message, which said “guy seeks guy, tall top soldier 25 or younger.”

The prosecutor was too embarrassed to read it out claiming it encourages “the cult of sexual dissoluteness to the minds of minors” and propagates “antisocial and perverted sexual behaviour.”

He also labelled anal sex between two men as “perversion.”

Mr Tikhonov said: “These types of telecommunication are forbidden by Russian as well as International legislation.”

“The two Broadcasting Agencies have been sent warning letters and if this is repeated, we will take official measures to prosecute.”

Broadcasting Company Pulse has announced it will discontinue further translations of phone chats.