Happy Endings

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Happy Endings, the film that opened the 20th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, is the latest offering from Don Roos. It is a twisting and sometimes complicated tale of relationships between nine Californians. Incorporating blackmail, sperm donation, questionable paternity and long-lost parents from the director of ‘The Opposite of Sex’, the film explores the complexity of modern life.

Lisa Kudrow is the star of the film as Maimi, who gave her son up for adoption when she was 17. When street punk Nicky turns up offering her the identity of her son on the proviso that he can film the reunion, Maime and her latino lover Javier hatch a plan to find her son.

Her gay stepbrother Charley is played by Alan Patridge star Steve Coogan. He has issues of his own, aside from being the father to her long lost son, he is coping with an unfaithful partner and a pair of spunk stealing lesbians. As well as dealing with the unwelcome interests of Otis (Jason Ritter), a young waiter at his restaurant.

Otis himself is coming to terms with his sexuality, concealing it from his father. So it’s not helpful when Jude (Maggie Gyllenhaal), the girl he loses his virginity to, turns up threatening to out him unless he helps her to shack up with his widower father.

If you liked The Opposite of Sex, this is a must see.

Happy Endings is now released on DVD in the UK