Federal MP joins gay marriage row

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A Federal Government backbencher has called on Prime Minister John Howard to review his opposition to gay relationships.

West Australian Liberal MP, Judi Moylan suggested the government should examine ways of ending same sex discrimination in areas like tax and pensions.

Prime Minister John Howard has vowed to block Australian Capital Territory (ACT) legislation which would give gay couples equal marriage rights.

Ms Moylan, the MP for Leichhardt said gay couples should be treated fairly and equally and it was time to look at the legal discrimination they face

Her views were supported by fellow Liberal MP Warren Entsch, a former crocodile hunter, he said: “If I was a gay activist, people would say, ‘Oh, just another bloody fairy out there trying to push his own agenda’, but because of my background people are a little bit puzzled by it and sitting up and listening.

“I’m arguing and I argue very strongly that there should be legal recognition for inter-dependency, if you like, whether it be a civil union or whatever.”