Danny La Rue to take to the stage again

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Danny La Rue may well take to the stage again, after making good progress with his recovery from a debilitating stroke earlier this year.

La Rue will tour in Wolverhampton in June, quashing rumours that he is too ill to perform at venues around the UK because of a stroke.

Friends have been quick to speak up for the 78-year old female impersonator. Pat Lake-Smith said “Danny works because he loves it”, not because he is in financial dire straights.

Speaking to This is Hampshire, John Adrian from the theatrical charity The Grand Order of Water Rats attempted to put the rumours of financial worries to bed, saying that a lunch held last year was not a fund raiser for the star.

“We hold tribute luncheons for different members to thank them for what they have done,” Mr Adrian said. “As far as I am concerned he is not receiving any money from us.” However, he was not able to entirely quash the speculation, adding that all requests for financial assistance from the charity whose members include Paul Daniels, remain anonymous.

The sale of £30,000 of antiques two years ago fuelled rumours that Danny La Rue might be in financial trouble, though at the time he insisted he needed to downsize in preparation for a move to a smaller house.

His property is on the market, but has yet to be sold.

For now, the flamboyant performer is concentrating on getting better. “He has not been left paralysed or with speech problems,” Ms Lake-Smith confirmed: “and he is definitely looking forward to getting back to work when the hospital specialist advises”.