Gay councillor loses seat in “bizarre” campaign

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Former Liberal Democrat councillor, Charles Anglin, has blamed Labour lies about “policy, themselves” and his Party, for the loss of his seat, and control in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Mr Anglin received just 676 votes in yesterday’s local elections, losing to Loma Campbell, the Labour candidate receiving 1586 votes from electors in the Princes Ward.

Gay former councillor, Mr Anglin, called the result “bizarre” after the Lib Dems lost control of Lambeth to the Labour Party.

He told Labour ran an extraordinarily negative campaign, they told lies about policies, themselves and us.”

The candidate had been the a victim of an alleged homophobic campaign by the Labour party last month in Lambeth, south London after the party posted an article written by the South London Press on their website claiming he was posting naked pictures of himself on the internet.

Lambeth Labour leader Steve Reed told there is no question of their article being homophobic, he said: “We took out everything relating to sexuality and didn’t mention the website it was on.”

“The article just questioned the wisdom of councillor posting naked pictures of himself on a website.”

Mr Anglin said the allegations “certainly didn’t help.”

“Personal attitudes made an impact,” he added.