HIV group updates information after prosecutions

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Recent prosecutions for transmitting HIV have prompted Terrence Higgins Trust to update their ‘Should I tell’ leaflet on disclosure of HIV status.

The updated booklet gives people with HIV clear information on where they stand legally around disclosure to sexual partners, as well as practical advice on telling friends or employers that they have the condition.

Roger Pebody, from the health promotion team at THT said “Because of recent legal developments and continued discrimination, telling people you have HIV is a complex issue. This leaflet doesn’t tell people with HIV what to do but it does suggest things to think about. The booklet is based on real experiences and helps people with HIV make decisions about when, how and if to tell people about their HIV status.”

As well as covering the issues around telling partners, friends and relatives, the booklet also includes sections on telling employers, dentists, doctors and insurers as well as immigration and government officials.

A florist became the first gay man to be convicted of recklessly passing on the HIV virus to another person in the UK last month.

The man, who cannot be named, was labelled “callous” for infecting his lover during a two year relationship, in which he failed to inform his partner of the disease.

The booklet has been produced in association with the pan-London Treatment Information Provider’s Initiative [TIPI] which is funded through a consortia of London Primary Care Trusts.

The updated ‘Should I tell’ booklet is available now. It can be ordered directly from the Terrence Higgins Trust website.