Tennis ace slams Czech president’s gay veto

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Czech Tennis star, Martina Navratilova has criticised her home country’s president, Vaclav Klaus for being anti-gay.

In February Mr Klaus vetoed a law allowing same-sex partnerships, saying it increased the state’s power to interfere with individual lives.

On gay marriage he has previously said: “I consider marriage a traditional institution of one type. Let them arrange their relationship in any way. But I am absolutely against mixing this with family and marriage.”

Mr Klaus told the Associated Foreign Press after the bill was passed, “The adoption of this law means defeat for all of us who are convinced that the family is fundamentally important, unique and without competition.”

The world-renowned tennis champion said the Czech Republic president’s veto, which has since been overturned as the law passed with over a 50% majority in in Parliament, said: “I cannot be satisfied by him, because he does not consider homosexuals to be 100 per cent human beings.

“I know I cannot change his opinion but I did think he was more liberal than this.