Prodi cautious on gay marriage

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Italy’s new Prime Minister Romano Prodi has publicly slammed three women ministers for speaking about issues of abortion and gay marriage before policy has been decided.

He reprimanded the politicians for expressing their positions on Vatican sensitive issues.

Health minister Livia Turco, angered Roman Catholics after speaking in favour of an abortion pill

Further conflict was caused with the Vatican when family minister Rosy Bindi, defended proposed gay marriage laws and after Emma Bonino, responsible for European affairs, was belived to have questioned the need to defend Europe’s Christian origins.

Signor Prodi said: “Ministers cannot express their opinions. They must speak about decisions, their consequences and their implementation.

“We’ve said we would have seriousness in government, meaning that there’s a need to get our heads down and speak only when a decision has been made,” said Prodi.

He has called a meeting to discuss “our priorities” next month.

Signor Prodi’s election success in Italy last month was viewed positively as he has promised to change Italy including introducing a civil partnership law.