Naked butlers moon their way to the states

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A company offering hen parties and gay weddings almost naked waiters has proved so successful in Britain that it is opening up offices around the world.

“Butlers in the Buff” provides waiters wearing only a bow tie, collar, cuffs and a bottom-revealing apron. The company was founded by a former Royal Marine, Jason Didcott who served in the Gulf War and in Bosnia.

The waiters are billed as a tasteful alternative to strippers and all must pass a criminal record check before being let loose on gay guys or partying girls.

“What we are looking for is James Bond in a butler outfit. We want them to be cheeky but clean” Mr Didcott told Reuters.

“At the end of the party they can have their photo taken with the butler but that is as far as it goes. If they have too much wine and try to undo the apron, he says No Touching.

“We want nice, charming, gentlemanly types. At the interview we just check their upper body. We take their bums on trust.”

The company aims to open franchises in the USA, Australia and South Africa.

Mr Didcott worked as a butler for the first party his company ran but says at the age of 37, “I am over the hill in butler terms. My bottom retired three years ago.”