Gay activist to expose animal cruelty

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Gay animal activist John Carmody is off Spain to take part in the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Running of the Nudes campaign, a human alternative to the Running of the Bulls event in the country.

Mr Carmody is calling for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community around the world to join him and the more than 1,000 others representing 40 countries who will converge on Pamplona on 5 July 2006, two days before the bull run, and race through the same course, wearing nothing but red scarves and plastic bullhorns.

PETA’s Running of the Nudes has garnered international media attention and nearly doubled in size each year since its inception. Even local vendors, who will be selling Running of the Nudes T-shirts, are getting in on the act. PETA supporters worldwide have written to the mayor of Pamplona asking her to embrace the new tradition and stop abusing bulls.

“Tormenting and butchering animals for entertainment is something straight out of the Dark Ages”, said Mr Carmody.

“I’m asking all compassionate members of the LGBT community who are fed up with animal abuse to help stop the sadistic bull run and bullfights by joining our ‘Running of the Nudes’, which pleases crowds without harming a hair on a bull’s back.”