FA urged to report The Sun over gay “nancy boy” slur

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Gay campaigner Peter Tatchell has called on the Football Association (FA) to report The Sun to the Press Complaints Commission after the paper branded Portuguese midfielder, Cristiano Ronaldo, a “nancy boy.”

The tabloid printed a story last Monday offering readers the chance to throw darts at a picture of Ronaldo, after he was accused of getting England striker Wayne Rooney sent off in the World Cup quarter final which also saw the midfielder score a penalty which knocked England out.

The article states, “Here’s every England fan’s chance to get revenge on the world’s biggest winker.

“Our human dartboard shows Portuguese nancy boy Cristiano Ronaldo. The Manchester United midfielder is caught in the act of winking to his team mates after helping to get England and United star Wayne Rooney sent off.

“We’ve made Ronaldo’s wink the bullseye. So put it up in your office -and give the sly senor one in the eye. Make it an ‘arrowing experience for him.'”

Mr Tatchell, of gay rights group Outrage, claimed the description stirs up “homophobic prejudice.”

He said: “The Sun’s homophobic sneers against Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, are out of order. We urge the Football Association to prove its proclaimed commitment to tackling homophobia by reporting The Sun to the Press Complaints Council.

“The Sun branded Ronaldo a ‘nancy boy’ and quoted England footballer Wayne Rooney as ridiculing him as a ‘pretty boy.’

“It stirred up homophobic prejudice against Ronaldo, with its sneering insinuation that he is gay.

“The Sun’s sleazy slur was its pathetic, bigoted revenge after Ronaldo scored the winning goal against England in the World Cup last Saturday.

“The Football Association has pledged to stamp out homophobia and to protect players who are victims of homophobic prejudice. It is time the FA made good its promise by reporting The Sun to the Press Complaints Council. Anti-gay insults are a clear violation of the PPC’s rules.

“No player should have to endure insults about their race or sexuality.”

A spokeswoman for The Sun told PinkNews.co.uk: “If a PCC complaint was put in we would deal with it accordingly.”

But an FA spokeswoman told PinkNews.co.uk this issue is out of their remit, “Our area of concern is football, this is really a media issue.

“We cannot get drawn into a media debate on one paper’s opinion.”

Last week Ronaldo was voted the top World Cup pin up by a Dutch gay magazine.