No “gunshot for a funny man” in Brighton or Bornemouth

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“Me not apologising to no funnyman (gay man)”.

“Man that come here to look pon man fi dead” (a man who comes here to look on another man must die)

“Fire fi the man dem that looking man” (burn gay men)

“Gunshot for a funnyman” (shoot gay men)

Concerts by homophobic reggae stars Buju Banton and Beenie Man have been cancelled.

Following extensive and concerted lobbying, the artists Mr Banton and Mr Beenie will not be performing their so-called “murder music” at concerts scheduled for this Summer in Brighton and Bornemouth.

This firm decision follows an initial decision by Brighton council not to allow Mr Banton’s Brighton concert to go ahead.

“We applaud the decision of the police and council to oppose the performance of a singer who advocates the murder of gays and lesbians. Incitement to murder is a criminal offence. Free speech does not include the right to encourage the killing of other human beings,” said Peter Tatchell of OutRage.

He said that he feared that the fans of an avowedly homophobic singer would be likely to be homophobic too, and that they would be a risk to the security of the gay community.

According to Mr Tatchell, Mr Banton’s record, Boom Bye Bye “incites homophobic murder. It urges people to shoot gays in the head, pour acid over them and burn them alive.”

Mr Banton defended the infamous 1990’s hit on BBC Radio 1Xtra, claiming that he had a right to his opinions.

He was implicated, though not convicted in an homophobic attack in his hometown of Kingston Jamaica; a group of gay men claimed that he had been part of a gang who had attacked them.

Tatchell commented, “I am sure no venue would host a singer who called for the

lynching of black people, so we expect the authorities to take a similar tough stance against singers who call for the shooting and burning of gay people.

However music fans on the streets of London said that Mr Tatchell was taking things too far. “Banton is a musician, yeah?” said one boy. “Boom Bye Bye is just a song. You don’t do what people say in songs! “Slap my bitch up” , right, you don’t do that”.

His female friend agreed. “You don’t just do something coz a song tells you! I mean, dancing in the moonlight? Vogue? Don’t be thick. It’s just his expression. You shouldn’t censor music. Full stop.”