Quiet protest replaces gay Jerusalem march

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A protest against the anti-gay incitement and the hate campaign targeting lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered (LGBT) people will be held in front of the Bell Park in Jerusalem, on the time and date originally scheduled for the WorldPride march this evening.

The march, which was originally scheduled to take place on August 10 in Jerusalem, is postponed because of the current situation in the region.

Therefore, the Jerusalem Open House (JOH) will hold the march at a later date, as soon as the security circumstances allow for it.

Other Jerusalem WorldPride events – including Youth Day at the Knesset, international LGBT health conference, film festival, exhibitions, shows and religious, activist and literary events are all taking place as originally planned until this weekend.

The Jerusalem WorldPride is the largest, most diverse and the most significant Pride event ever held in Israel. The holding of these events is considered by the organisers as an essential contribution to the ongoing struggle for an egalitarian, just and democratic Jerusalem.

The protest will be held by the Jerusalem Open House, organisers of Jerusalem WorldPride, and by other human rights organisations.

Later in the evening, the WorldPride week’s central event will take place at the world famed Jerusalem club, Ha’Oman 17, where prestigious Israeli artists such as Korin Al-al, Dana Berger, the Funk´n´Stein band and Sha’anan Street (of the Israeli band Dag Nahash), will perform. DJ Yuval Zach will thereafter spin the audience until the early hours of the morning.

Hagai El-Ad, JOH executive director, and Noa Sattath, JOH chairperson, said: “The protests message is that we will continue our struggle for a democratic Jerusalem. Incitement, hate and threats of violence will not set us to give up on our vision to ensure the implementation of full equality to our community and for human rights here.

“The WorldPride march is indeed postponed due to the hostilities in the region, but it will be held as soon as the security circumstances allow for it. The struggle for human rights and for an egalitarian and democratic Jerusalem is essential for a better reality today as well as for a better future.”