Hundreds protest Posie Parker event in Dublin: ‘Trans people aren’t going anywhere’ 

Posie Parker posing for a picture.

Hundreds of LGBTQ+ people and allies united in Dublin to protest anti-trans activist Posie Parker’s latest ‘Let Women Speak’ event.

On Saturday (16 September), Parker, also known as Kellie-Jay Keen, held an event as part of her anti-trans ‘Let Women Speak’ tour in Merrion Square, Dublin.

The anticipated event, which was supported and attended by Father Ted creator and anti-trans campaigner Graham Linehan, saw trans folk and LGBTQ+ allies drown out Parker in what was described to PinkNews as a “broad anti-TERF protest”, by Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin.

The group said that they felt the need to take a stand against what they described as Parker’s “TERF ideology”.

Posts on social media claim that Trans and Intersex Pride’s protest saw a “massive” turnout with allies and the LGBTQ+ community “outnumbering transphobes”. 

“Very few on their side – and we are hundreds strong,” a caption to a video posted by the group read. 

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Pro-trans activist Jenny Maguire told the crowd, as reported by the Belfast Telegraph: “We as queer people are forced into a world that’s not meant for us.

“We do everything we can to force a world that accepts us and that can love us all unapologetically, and it is them that wants to reverse any progress we’ve made so far and pull us back into the Dark Ages.

“Trans people aren’t going anywhere.”

Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin shared in a post that the protest’s goal was to “protest in joy and resistance against transphobia and fascism in all its forms” – and drown out Parker’s event with “instruments, sirens, speakers, whistles and loud voices”. 

It follows Parker’s Melbourne rally in March being attended by neo-Nazis wearing black who threw up Nazi salutes and chanted “white power” on the steps of the Victoria parliament building.

Media regulators in New Zealand have since ruled that it is accurate to call Parker an “anti-trans activist” and to describe the neo-Nazi groups who attended the Melbourne rally as supportive of her event.

In a video posted to Twitter in February, she threatened all women who oppose her views, saying: “Each and everyone one of you women who stand in my way … will be annihilated.”

In the same video, she compared trans women to sexual predators and serial killers.

PinkNews has contacted Posie Parker for comment.

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