Cashman praises “brilliant” Blair conference speech

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Gay Labour MEP Michael Cashman has heaped praise on Tony Blair’s final conference speech this afternoon.

The former EastEnder turned West Midlands MEP said it was “brilliant” that the Prime Minister mentioned the gay and lesbian community in his address and also included himself and partner Paul Cottingham in the pre-speech video talking about the repeal of Section 28.

Speaking to the party in Manchester this afternoon, Mr Blair listed greater equal rights for the gay community as a highlight of his tenure as Prime Minister.

He referred to “changes for gay people denied equal rights,” pointing out the way his party has changed Britain since coming to power in 1997, and cited civil partnerships as an example.

Mr Cashman, who took advantage of the civil partnership laws with his partner Paul earlier this year, told that the government has done amazing things for the gay community, “It was brilliant hearing Tony Blair not once but three times referring to lesbian and gay men.

“It shows the rest of Europe that you can change the laws and the sky will not fall in.”