Peter Tatchell attacks ”double standards from Labour”

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Peter Tatchell used the Green Party annual conference LGBT fringe meeting last week to launch a fierce attack on what he calls Labour’s ‘double standards,’ calling on the public to complain to their MPs, the Equalities Minister and Tony Blair.

Mr Tatchell, OutRage! activist, speaking at Hove Town Hall on Saturday 23rd September described Labour as blowing hot and cold over gay rights.

There is a brief acknowledgment from him of Labour’s positive reforms, notably equalisation of the age of consent and allowing same-sex couples to adopt, before attacking the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights as unfair.

He calls for a level playing field in policy between sexual orientation laws and race legislation.

Later came an unrepentant critique on what he calls the unequal two-tiered system of partnership law, referring to civil partnerships.

“This two-tiered system of partnership law is not

equality. It perpetuates and extends discrimination. Marriage is the

gold standard. Civil partnerships are second best. The Greens are the only party officially committed to giving same-sex partners the right to get married,” he said.

The police and the crown prosecution service (CPS) along with Labour come in for criticism for allowing homophobic singers to advocate the murder of gays.

”Government ministers would never tolerate similar ‘murder music’ against Jewish or black people. Why aren’t we entitled to the same protection?”

“The government recently enacted a new law against incitement to religious hatred, but it refuses to pass a law prohibiting incitement to homophobic hatred. More double standards from Labour.”

In a rallying call to the public he added, “The government says it is committed to equality, but it often fails to deliver. There is no justification for Labour’s failure to remedy these injustices. Protest to your MP, the Equalities Minister and Tony Blair.”