Conservative US politics deterring gay visitors

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A new study says that US conservative politics deters people from travelling to the America.

The study, produced by Community Marketing, surveyed more than 7,500 gays and lesbians worldwide.

According to the study, lesbians and gay men from Canada were more deterred by US politics than respondents from other parts of the world.

In a parallel question, 74 percent of lesbians and gay men who reside in the US reported they are more likely to visit a country with a progressive political profile.

The war in Iraq was seen as a deterrent to 58 percent of respondents, and pending legislation that would place a ban on gay marriage in the United States was a deterrent to 59 percent.

The war in Iraq was of most concern to respondents who reside in Canada and Australia, whereas respondents from Latin America were less likely to feel that the war would impact their decision to visit the United States.

And the proposed ban on gay marriage under consideration in the US Congress is more of a deterrent for respondents from Canada, where gay marriage is legal, and less of a concern for respondents from Latin America and Europe.

The majority felt that the forthcoming changes in immigration policy, which will require a passport to enter the United States starting January 8 2007 would have no impact on their decision to visit the US; however, 44 percent reported that these changes would deter them from visiting.

Changes to US immigration are most important to respondents who reside in Latin America and Canada, the countries most affected by these changes. The impact is least for respondents from Australia where a visa and passport are already required.

Regardless, the United States remains as a highly desirable vacation destination for many. Sixty percent of gay and lesbian respondents from countries other than the United States are drawn to visit because of the US’s thriving gay urban communities and resort towns. Progressive LGBT community leadership also helped to encourage 43 percent of non-US respondents to visit the US.

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