McConaughey and Armstrong – failure to launch?

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Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey has denied rumours that he and seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong are more than ‘just friends’.

McConaughey joked in Details magazine: “We tried it. It wasn’t for us.”

The 2005 People magazine “Sexiest Man Alive” and star of 2006 film Failure to Launch has previously been romantically linked to Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock.

Lance Armstrong was engaged to singer Sheryl Crow until February this year.

Armstrong had previously said,”We all have buds. We all take guy trips, but you take something very normal and you put it in a magazine, and people start talking. It’s like, either you sleep with everything that moves or you’re gay.”

Armstrong and McConaughey are both from Austin, Texas, and have been

friends for eight years.

They have recently been sharing a beach house and can often be seen biking and working out together, sometimes accompanied by Donnie Darko star Jake Gyllenhaal. This has led to rumours that the two unattached hunks are romantically linked.

Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times consecutively, having previously overcome testicular and brain cancer.