Campaigners push for Oz gay union law

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The Victorian human rights group, Civil Union Action! (CUA), has praised the Australian Capital Territory Government’s commitment to reintroduce a slightly modified version of the recently overturned Civil Unions Act 2006, and has urged the state’s Premier Steve Bracks to follow their lead.

The ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell has told the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s ‘Same-Sex: Same Entitlements’ inquiry that there are “no grounds” not to formally recognise same-sex relationships.

“Mr Corbell’s promise to reintroduce civil unions shows that the ACT Government wants to treat same-sex couples with the respect and recognition other couples take for granted,” CUA spokesperson John Kloprogge said.

“Meanwhile, the Bracks Government has ruled out civil unions, and has not committed to consult with the gay and lesbian community on the best way forward.”

“Mr Corbell has rightly said that there are ‘no grounds’ for denying same-sex couples formal recognition. What, then, is Mr Bracks’ excuse?

Earlier this year, the Federal Government overturned an Australian Capital Territory law led by ACT leader John Stanhope allowing civil unions for same sex couples. However public attitudes towards same sex unions seem much more positive, more recently politicians in Western Australia have backed civil unions laws.

Mr Kloprogge added, “Premier Bracks should take a leaf out of Mr Stanhope’s book, and commit to introducing civil unions in the next term.”

CUA has vowed to publicly campaign on civil unions right up until the November 25 state election.