Victoria backs gay union scheme

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Victoria state Premier Steve Bracks has backed gay registration schemes, as state elections emerge.

Mr Bracks has reportedly sent officials to meet with the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLR) group to agree on a Tasmanian style gay union scheme.

He has been under pressure to introduce such a law but has previously ruled out calls for civil unions.

VGLRL spokesman Gerard Brody confirmed that meetings had taken place, he told the Melbourne Star: “We’re continuing the dialogue to persuade the government we need some form of relationship recognition.

“They asked us to provide evidence of the difficulties people face because they don’t have a certificate or any other way of easily proving their relationship.”

Registration schemes are described by some campaigners as worthless, but activists in Tasmania, where such a law has existed since 2004, back them as they cover all types of couples.

The state election is on November 25 2006.