Ghana visit should address gay rights

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Gay campaigner Peter Tatchell has called on the government to raise the issue of human rights with the Ghanaian President when he visits the UK in the next parliamentary session.

The Queen’s speech at the state opening of parliament this morning revealed government plans to host a visit with Ghanaian President John Agyekum Kufuor.

Mr Tatchell said the meeting should be used to inform the leader of the African country’s commitment to human rights.

He told “The government must ensure that human rights are raised with the Ghanaian President. The president has a responsibly to uphold international human rights laws, this includes pledges to oppose discrimination and guarantees equal treatment.”

The problems facing the gay community in Ghana were revealed in September when sections of the country’s media made up a story about a gay conference being held.

The report stirred up opposition and protests from religious groups and the leader of the country’s only gay campaign group was forced to flee after receiving death threats.

Homosexual activity is illegal in Ghana and also falls under laws concerning rape and assault. There is no protection from discrimination for the community.

Mr Tatchell called for the British colonial era law to be repealed.

“The recent public attacks and threats against the gay community are

totally unacceptable in Ghana and anywhere else in the world,” he said.