Trans singer opens up about transition

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Lucas Silveira, the lead singer of Canadian rock and roll band The Cliks,has spoken to the press about his experiences as a trans person.

Earlier this year they released their major label debut album Snakehouse with US Tommy Boy Records Silver Label and appeared in gay-orientated True Colours Tour with artists Cyndi Lauper and Erasure.

Mr Silveira is the first transgender artist to be signed to a high-profile label.

He was born as Lillia and by his early twenties had come out as a lesbian.

He was song writing and performing with his band until two years ago when his grandmother died, his father had a stroke, his six-year relationship ended and his band members quit on him.

“I fell apart and started looking in,” recalled Mr Silveira.

“One day I just woke up horrified because I knew the answer, I was like oh my god, its sink or swim.”

Coming to terms with his gender identity, he formed The Cliks with fellow LGBT members Morgan Doctor and Nina Martinez. The songs he wrote and performed were edgier, raw and more intense.

“As a human being, I feel a responsibility to myself to be who I am,” Mr Silveira said of his transition from female to male.

At first glance he is petite with dark hair and prominent features.

On his arm he sports a tattoo of a dragon leaping through flames with the word Survivor, to commemorate his journey.

The Cliks’ singer is not the only trans role model in the entertainment business, where transgender and gay issues are slowly being dealt with in TC shows such as Ugly Betty and the film Transamerica.