Kylie turns into a drag queen

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It appears Kylie Minogue has been so mesmerised by London’s club scene that she’s decided to turn herself into a drag queen for her new music video, Two Hearts.

Following a DJ set in East London’s Boombox during London Fashion Week, the pop diva, enamoured by the weird and wonderful get-ups on display, set out on the circuit looking to establish her new look.

She is said to have quickly made two new friends in the shape of queens Tasty Tim and Princess Julia.

The pair apparently gave Kylie some advice on pouting, strutting and how to pull off latex catsuits.

Next, she sought counsel with Boy George, who designed her B-Rude baggy pant outfit for her Showgirls tour, and pinned down two of London’s most famous designers – Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane – to design her and her band’s outfits.

An insider on the shoot told the Mirror: “It’s just visually amazing. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen Kylie do before.

“Kylie vamps it up in a black latex catsuit that’s so tight and figurehugging, you can clearly see the shape of her bum. And it looks great.

“Then she writhes on the floor provocatively and cavorts on a grand piano.

He continued: “Everyone shines in camp Spandex outfits, killer heels, and vamped up make-up and lots of glitter – it all looks totally futuristic.

“She wanted to do something different that no one would expect and the video is no holds.”

Kylie’s new album, X, is out November 26th.