Trans candidate faces legal challenge

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Two city council candidates in the US have filed petitions against a transgender candidate accusing her of committing fraud.

Georgia Fuller and Stanley Harris, who both lost their bids for seats, have filed the lawsuit in Georgia claiming that Michelle Bruce falsely identified herself as female in the election earlier this month.

The case, which identifies her as ‘Michael Bruce’, has asked the judge to rule the election invalid and for another one to be ordered.

Bruce’s drivers licence identifies her as a 42-year-old white female.

Speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she refused to confirm whether or not she has had gender reassignment surgery.

“That’s private,” she said. “The people don’t care about it.”

The Georgia Secretary of State’s inspector general is also reviewing a complaint from the pair to determine if an investigation is needed, spokesman Matt Carrothers confirmed.

Georgia is not known for its sympathy to LGBT rights issues.

Last year courts in the eastern state reinstated constitutional amendments banning gay couples from marrying.