Would you vote Clegg or Huhne for Lib Dem leader?

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Today 65,000 members of the Liberal Democrat party are being sent a ballot paper to vote for a new leader.

Nick Clegg, 40, the Lib Dem home affairs spokesperson, and Chris Huhne, 53, the party’s environment spokesperson, are the candidates.

Much has been made in these first few weeks of the race to become leader of the Liberal Democrats about the similarities between the candidates.

Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne are both Westminster School-educated former MEPs with near-identical views nearly all the key issues.

Both became MPs as part of the Lib Dems strong showing in the 2005 elections.

However, the contest has seen some clashes, notably over the retention of Trident nuclear weapons and accusations from Mr Huhne’s team that his opponent is a “calamity” who keeps changing his mind on policy.

Both men have spoken to PinkNews.co.uk in the past month, with Mr Clegg backing a new offence of homophobic incitement and Mr Huhne saying he needs to be convinced of the need for a new law.

We want to know what PinkNews.co.uk readers think – which one of these candidates will best represent the needs of the LGBT community?

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Lib Dem members’ ballot papers must be returned by 15th December and the winner will be announced on Monday 17th December.