Romney and Clinton win in Michigan

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Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has pulled off a strong win in the Michigan primary results, beating out his rivals, Arizona Senator John McCain and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Although pre-voting polls had the two top Republican candidates at a virtual tie, Romney pulled off the win with a significant margin.

Hillary Clinton, virtually uncontested, won in the Democratic primary.

With 77 percent of precincts reporting in, Mitt Romney has been declared the projected winner in the Michigan Republican primary.

Romney holds a 39 percent to 30 percent lead over John McCain.

Huckabee, winner of the Iowa caucuses, trails in third with 16 percent.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul follows in fourth with six percent.

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and California Representative Duncan Hunter all captured less than five percent of the vote.

Romney remained in Michigan on Tuesday to drum up last minute votes in the state primary as competing Republican candidates John McCain and Mike Huckabee left for South Carolina in preparation for that state’s Saturday primary.

Michigan primary results were projected to be close between Romney and McCain, according to the last polls taken before voters headed out to cast their ballots.

However, Romney exceeded expectations and looks to win the primary with a strong margin over McCain.

The Democratic winner in the Michigan primary was assured before the first votes were cast on Tuesday.

As the only major Democratic candidate on the Michigan ballot, Hillary Clinton was expected to win easily.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards pulled out of the Michigan primary when the state violated party rules by moving their primary up to January 15th.

Clinton remained on the ballot but did not campaign in the state.

As expected, Clinton walked away with the win, currently carrying 57 percent of the vote with 77 percent of precincts reporting in.

However, with both Obama and Edwards missing from the ballot, the number of people choosing “uncommitted” was high, coming second at 38 percent of the vote.

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich is in third place with four percent of the vote, followed by Connecticut Representative Chris Dodd (who is no longer running) and former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel.

Michigan is an ‘open’ primary, which means registered Democrats and Independents can vote in the Republican primary if they choose to do so.

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