Gay Argentine leaders will fight to have marriage recognised

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The leaders of the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina married in Madrid on Monday.

The two leaders of the leading gay rights organisation in Argentina have married in Madrid, under the law which allows same-sex couples to marry in Spain. Same-sex couples cannot get married in Argentina.

César Cigliutti and Marcelo Suntheim have a recognised civil union under legislation which was passed in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, in 2003, but are unable to marry in Argentina.

The couple were able to marry in the Spanish capital because of Suntheim’s dual German and Argentinean citizenship, which allows him to marry in any country within the European Union.

The marriage was performed by the Partido Popular councillor, Luis Asúa Brunt, with the two Spanish writers, Javier Ugarte Pérez and Juan Herrero Bravo, acting as witnesses, according to El Mundo

The leaders of the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina say they will fight to have their marriage legally recognised in Argentina when they return to Buenos Aires, and will take it as far as the country’s Supreme Court if necessary.

Only a few areas of Argentina recognise civil unions between same-sex couples: Buenos Aires itself, the province of Río Negro in Patagonia, and the city of Villa Carlos Paz in Córdoba province.