Coronation Street Spoilers: Michelle finds out about Steve’s affair

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Michelle and Steve are on and off more times than a light switch this week. Steve’s sordid night of passion comes back to bite him on the bum. Well, what did he think was going to happen when he shacked up with Becky?

Not surprisingly, the week gets off to a tense start as Steve’s tries desperately to avoid Michelle, knowing that she is expecting him to propose. As usual, the rest of the street decides to stick their oar in and it isn’t long before everything is blown out of proportion.
The problem isn’t helped much by Lloyd who decides to confess what has been going on to Eileen. She immediately insists that he tell Michelle the truth and that Steve has no intention of proposing to her.

To make things even more complicated, and unbeknown to Lloyd, Steve caves in to the mounting pressure and proposes.

When Lloyd finally catches up with Michelle and tells her the truth, she is devastated. But she later tells Carla that she plans to keep schtum in order to make Steve sweat. She wants to see just how far he will go with his little charade.

Steve tells Michelle that he wants her to choose the engagement ring. She decides to pick one of the most expensive the jeweller has.

When Steve insists on proposing again with the ring, he is stunned when Michelle refuses. She tells him she knows this proposal was a scam to cover up whatever he might have got up to on the night he didn’t come home. Is it all over for Michelle and Steve?

Elsewhere, Kevin isn’t impressed to find a delivery truck blocking the entrance to the garage. He knows it is Tony’s doing but initially decides not to say anything. As time goes on, however, he gets increasingly angry and demands it be moved. When Tony refuses, Kevin takes the matter into his own hands. Where will this dispute end?

Carla is concerned that Tony has made an enemy of Kevin. Tony points out that he is merely trying to make Kevin realise how difficult he could make it for him if he doesn’t sell up. When things escalate between the two men, Tony shows he is no pushover. He produces the deeds for the factory which clearly show that Kevin has encroached onto his land. Kevin has no choice but to agree to move the sign.

Meanwhile, Tony also starts a major charm offensive on Rita. He’s aware that his row with Kevin could be putting her off selling too. The scheming charmer takes her to the show flat and makes it clear that one of the apartments could be hers as part of a deal.
Coronation Street Spoilers: Michelle finds out about Steve’s affair