Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sasha goes missing

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It’s not a happy week in Hollyoaks village. The repercussions of Darren’s fibbing are hitting the lad hard.

Poor Frankie doesn’t know what to do with herself and is on operating on autopilot. The rest of the family isn’t doing much better either. It seems they’re all slowly falling apart.
Steph and Kris are impressed with Frankie’s resolve. On the outside she seems to be putting on a brave face and getting on with things. The sad truth is that on the inside she’s just not coping with the loss of Jack at all well.

Sasha has family woes too. She’s frustrated about the fact that everyone is keeping a very close eye on her. This mollycoddling is driving her crazy.

And with all the focus on Sasha, Lauren is miffed that she’s not getting any help or encouragement.

Danny realizes that Sasha’s bored as she’s stuck inside under house arrest. He persuades her to get involved in the cake bake to give her something to occupy her time.

Mandy’s getting to grips with things in the kitchen too. She’s mastering the art of smoothie making. It’s not made any easier by Cindy distracting her by going on about how hard done by she is. But Cindy soon perks up when Warren pops in. She doesn’t seem to care that he has a fiancée!

Kieron’s getting to grips with life outside the church. He prepares for his interview at the SU bar. John Paul has plans for the future too. After overhearing a conversation between Mandy and Louise he gets an idea. Before long, he’s got a proposal for Warren. He wants to run a gay night at the Loft. Not surprisingly, Warren’s a little reluctant, but he’s even more uncertain when John Paul also suggests that he receive a large slice of the profits.

Will wheeler-dealer Warren eventually agree?

Over at the Valentine’s household things have become a little frantic. Sasha has disappeared and the race is on to find her before Calvin and Carmel get back from their holiday. Where could she have gone?

The McQueens hold a baby naming ceremony for young Max. Understandably, Tina and Dom are absolutely dreading it, but they decide to put a brave face on things. Their stoicism doesn’t last long though. Tina soon cracks and ends up revealing that Russ is the real father of the baby.

John Paul starts to realize how much Kieron has given up to be with him. Overwhelmed by this he decides to show Kieron how committed he is by asking him to marry him. Will Kieron say yes?

Justin and Ste’s debt collection business seems to be going well. It’s never easy to work in your own neighbourhood though. The two are soon faced with collecting a debt from Myra – not an enviable task. But it proves easier than they think when she willingly gives up a karaoke machine to them without a fight.

Amy is delighted when Ste brings the machine home. She wastes no time in taking it around to the Barnes’ for an afternoon of musical fun. Sarah isn’t too keen though, she has other plans. Might they involve Elliott?
Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sasha goes missing