Coronation Street Spoilers: Tony murders Liam on his stag do

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To say that there was tension in Weatherfield this week would be like saying the Pope is fairly religious, as ruthless Tony decides to dispatch his love-rival Liam once and for all.

As stag Tony and his fellow revellers gather in Roy’s Rolls to organise teams for the paintballing event Tony has arranged, it soon becomes clear that Liam’s mind isn’t on the stag do. He asks Carla to meet him in the Rover’s backyard where he tries to persuade her to call off the wedding. Unfortunately for Liam, Tony is keeping a close eye on him and is convinced that he is having an affair with Carla. How long until Tony snaps?

Over at the hen night Carla is in turmoil as she knows she wants Liam but is terrified of the consequences of breaking up with Tony. However, later in the evening at the restaurant, she can’t keep up the façade for long and cracks soon start to appear when she argues with Michelle over Paul. Unable to take anymore, Carla runs to the toilet closely followed by Leanne who is astonished when Carla tells her that she is in love with Liam and doesn’t want to marry Tony. Will Carla cancel the wedding?

Leanne tells Carla that she has to come clean and tell the rest of the girls but the thought of upsetting everyone with the truth is too much for Carla to bear. However, she is forced to admit that Leanne is right – she can’t marry Tony. How will Tony react to this? Not too well we think.

As Carla waits for a taxi to take her to see Liam she is stunned when Michelle guesses correctly why Maria isn’t drinking – she is pregnant! Carla is knocked for six and realises now that it might be too late for her and Liam anyway. Unfortunately, Liam will never find out he is a father as Tony has murdered him.

As the dramatic events of the week draw to a close the shockwaves of Liam’s death reverberate around the street. A devastated Maria can’t believe he has been so cruelly taken from her before she even had chance to tell him about the baby. Carla is also grief stricken but knows she has to hide the depths of her feelings from Tony – unaware that he knows exactly what has been going on. Will Carla be too scared to call off the wedding now?

Elsewhere on the Street, Sophie is disappointed that her dad is so pre-occupied with Rosie’s disappearance that he has forgotten her swimming competition. But Kevin is soon reminded he has two daughters when another postcard arrives with the message Sophie’s next.

Understandably, Kevin is beside himself with worry and as soon as Tyrone arrives back at the garage he jumps in the pick-up truck and heads for the swimming pool to pick up Sophie. When he arrives she isn’t there but he is relieved to arrive back in the street to discover John, Fiz and Chesney have given her a lift home. Will she be next to disappear?
Coronation Street Spoilers: Tony murders Liam on his stag do