EastEnders: Ian discovers Jane’s dark secret

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After months of watching Jane sneaking off to supposed gym sessions we finally discover Jane’s deep dark secret this week. Has she been sneaking off to meet a tall dark stranger? Is she working for the secret service as an undercover spy?

Unfortunately, it is nothing quite so exciting as that; she has in fact become a bit of a comedy queen on the quiet and has been slipping out of the house every week to do a comedy stand-up routine, unbeknown to Ian. The sly old devil!

Feeling insecure, Ian decides he wants to go to the gym with Jane as he is worried she is no longer attracted to him and wants to improve his physique. However, the gym is just an excuse that Jane uses when she goes out to perform her comedy routine. What will she do now that Ian wants to come with her?

Poor Ian becomes convinced that Jane is having an affair with someone and that fear is fuelled even more when he sees her getting out of a car with Tamwar! Surely he’s a bit too young for Jane though? Wasting no time Ian decides to confront Tamwar and ask what has been going on. Tamwar tells him that Jane has been doing a stand-up routine and so Ian decides to go along and watch his wife in action. What will Jane do when she discovers that Ian has found out her little secret?

Elsewhere, Jack and Tanya are ploughing on with their plans to move to France but they still haven’t told the kids or Max of their intentions. How are the children going to react when they find out they are being moved away from their friends and the square?

When their offer on a house is accepted Jack is over the moon but Tanya annoys him by refusing to tell the children about their plans. She even goes so far as to remove a for sale sign from outside their home, telling Jack she will tell the kids in her own time. But is she just stalling for time?

Not surprisingly, tensions increase between the trouble pair and when they have a row about the kids Jack storms out in a rage. He goes into the club where he finds Ronnie, and they end up having a heart to heart about how things might have gone if they had stayed together. It’s obvious they both still care about each other and there is definite chemistry between the two of them. So much so that they both lean in for a tender kiss! Have they reignited an old flame? Or was it just a mistake?
EastEnders: Ian discovers Jane’s dark secret