EastEnders Spoilers: Ronnie goes with Danielle to the abortion clinic

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Darren has his eye on an opportunity at the car lot, and is getting excited because Jack has told him that he can have the business. But Jack hasn’t played straight and it turns out that Janine is taking over – much to Darren’s and Libby’s disgust. She offers Darren a job and at first he isn’t interested, until financial pressure gets to him.

Peggy decides that she wants to get on the local council but Archie isn’t keen on the idea so he gets Roxy to help him convince her to bring the wedding forward – and stop her in her political tracks. But has she got the better of him?

Food and cross words fly as Zainab and Jane vie for kitchen space. Peggy has a surprise for Archie while Ronnie is in a quandary as Danielle’s final appointment nears. Bradley is determined to get Gumbo off his hands.

Ronnie is struggling with the responsibility she feels towards Danielle, particularly after she tells her she took the advice to book an abortion. Ronnie says she will go with her and support her – but when she goes round to the Slater’s house, this confuses Stacey who, in the midst of trying to persuade her friend to keep the baby, can’t understand why Danielle and Ronnie have struck up such an uneasy relationship. Eventually Danielle confesses that Ronnie is her mother – much to Stacey’s shock.

Bradley is having fun and games with Gumbo who has taken over his bed, and most of his life. He sets his mind on selling the dog at a show but things take a different track when he mixes with other owners on the day – he gets offered £100 a time for stud fees.

Whitney finds out that Tony is pleading not guilty which means she will have to testify in court. This isn’t good news and she doesn’t want to go anywhere – not even Tiffany’s party.

It’s her little sister’s birthday and Ricky has gone to extreme lengths to give her the party she wants – including lying to Bianca about getting use of Ian’s café for the event. When she finds out that Ricky has paid, and it wasn’t free, she tells him she doesn’t want charity. But that’s not the only declaration. When Tiffany says she wishes Ricky was her Daddy, could it be that her wish is going to come true? Bianca does some calculations….

EastEnders Spoilers: Ronnie goes with Danielle to the abortion clinic