Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Rosie escape from her kidnapper?

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Maria is struggling to get to grips with the fact that Liam is no longer with her. When Carla and Tony pop around to see her, Carla also struggles with the whole situation. Meanwhile, Tony manages to keep calm and successfully hides his involvement in Liam’s death.

Liam’s parents arrive from Ireland and plans start to be made for their son’s funeral.
Carla takes a moment to confide in Leanne about Liam. Leanne tells her that she needs to tell Tony the truth. But will Carla jeopardise her relationship and forthcoming wedding to Tony with the truth about her dead lover?

Elsewhere in the street, Sally returns from Holyhead and finds a postcard threatening Sophie. When John finds out he makes it clear to Sophie that he knows she sent it herself.
When Sophie later overhears her mum and dad talking, she realizes how much worse she’s made the situation and confesses that she was behind the postcard. Kevin and Sally hear this news with a mixture of relief and anger at her stupidity. But their thoughts soon return to their missing daughter.

We find a dishevelled Rosie locked in an attic, hungry and lonely. But who’s responsible for putting her there?

It’s not long before we get the answer to that question – John. When her captor pays her a visit she demands to know when she’s going to be released. But John admits he kidnapped her in a moment of panic and has no idea what he’s going to do next.

When John next visits Rosie it’s clear that she thinks he’s come to release her. When she spots that he’s brought food and magazines it becomes obvious that her ordeal isn’t yet over.

John’s predicament worsens when Fiz tells him that she’s booked a surprise holiday for the two of them. What’s he going to do about Rosie while he’s away? He heads off to explain the situation to the young girl. As soon as she realises that she might be locked away on her own for days, Rosie makes a break for it. But will she manage to escape the grips of evil John?

Pam shares the proceeds of her latest dodgy dealings with Tyrone. He’s delighted to discover that he now has enough money to put down a deposit on a wedding dress for Molly. While this is a romantic gesture, what will Molly say when she finds out how reliant Tyrone is becoming on Pam?

Elsewhere, Blanche persuades Deirdre to go with her on a free holiday to France. Unbeknown to Deirdre, Blanche has been doing some meddling and Deirdre is actually named as her carer for the hol. What will Deirdre say when she finds out the truth about
her mum’s devious ways?

Later in the week, things go from bad to worse in the Barlow household when Ken gets a call from Peter with some devastating news.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Rosie escape from her kidnapper?