Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Louise and Jamie live happily ever after?

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Bob and Terry get the wrong end of the stick at the start of the week. They totally misinterpret a welcome kiss between Louise and Jonty. Jonty asks Louise to leave for Australia with him. When Jamie finds out he’s not best pleased and lands a right hook on Jonty before storming off.

When Bob and Terry eventually sit down with Jonty they realise why he’s so keen for Louise to go to Oz with him. He produces a huge volume of work that Louise’s competition win has generated. He reckons that there’ll be plenty more work down under. Louise makes up her mind to abandon Jamie and to head off to seek her fortune.

Bob and Terry make it their mission to track Jamie down and tell him what’s going on, but it’s a race against time. In true soap style, the odds seem to be against them. On the way to the village Terry’s car breaks down and they’re forced to jump into Jamie’s ice-cream van.

Back in the village, Jamie is nowhere to be seen and Louise is about to make a glamorous exit in a horse-drawn carriage. But just as we think it’s all over, Jamie appears and begs Louise to marry him. Will she say yes?

Elsewhere in the dales, Shane is meddling again. He volunteers Donna and Ross for a training course in London. Matters get worse when Donna realises that Shane knows about her affair with Ross. What will Shane do with this information? And will Donna finally and publicly admit her feelings for Ross?

Donald is up to no good this week. He makes sure that the Kings’ main investor pulls out, leaving the business in a state of panic. As the Kings fire fight, Anna is mortified to see what she’s contributed to. Will she come clean and help out the Kings? Or will she let them fail?

Jasmine is determined to finish her scoop about the MacFarlane’s in order to further her career. Shane warns her off pursuing the story and says that he can give her information on the drugs trade in Hotton instead. Jasmine agrees, but secretly keeps researching the MacFarlane story. Is she getting herself into deep water with a dangerous bunch of criminals?

Debbie is more concerned with Jasmine’s relationship with Shane and warns her off him. But Jasmine knows that a date with Shane is the only way to get all of the information she needs. Is she playing with fire?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Louise and Jamie live happily ever after?