Emmerdale Spoilers: Jack dies in Spain

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Chas keeps the pressure off by telling Carl he will have to wait for his money until Debbie is released, or she will tell Lexi about their kiss. But Lexi is already suspicious and keen to prove that she can keep her man – particularly after Lisa tells her she will always be a second rate Chas in Carl’s eyes. She prepares a romantic dinner and proposes – an offer Carl can’t refuse bearing in mind what she reminds him she knows about his past.

Meanwhile, Aaron suggests that Paddy give Chas some time off to score brownie points. But his offer to cover the vets ends in disaster. He loses a client and spends time making personal phone calls and then Paddy catches him out handing a bag of drugs to a dodgy friend. Then Daz plays a prank on him in the garage which backfires – leaving him at loggerheads with the family again.
Elsewhere, Diane grows concerned that Andy is letting things slip. He hasn’t visited Sarah and Butler’s Farm is in a state – plus he is finding it difficult to meet the rent payments so even Mark tells him to get his house in order or face eviction. The pressure mounts and Andy decides to sell the farm – which infuriates Victoria and leads to a big row, until news come in that Jack has suffered a heart attack. They wait in hope but Diane has to tell them that he died in hospital – and although she tries to stay strong for the family, Andy decides to do is grieving alone. When he fails to help out at the funeral, an angry Val sets out for Butlers and tells Andy to step up and be the man his father would be proud of. But will he come through for the Sugdens?
Marlon confides in Paddy that he slept with Chas and although Paddy is hurt and storms out he soon decides it is time to tell her of his feelings. But there is too much going on when he does, and with a wealth of other problems on her mind Chas can’t respond and leaves. Can Chas get back on track with Paddy and Aaron?

With no word forthcoming from Terry, Brenda decides to send him an email to find out what’s going on.
Bob tries to cheer Brenda up by setting up a webcam so she can talk to Terry. After speaking with him Brenda is surprised when TJ steps in front of the webcam and announces that neither he nor his dad are missing her and would rather stay with Jean. Brenda is deeply upset and tries drinking her troubles away only for Doug to rescue her. After he takes her home Brenda tries to kiss him but Doug pulls away not wanting to take advantage. Will Brenda forsake Terry for Doug?

Leyla introduces her friend Skin to David and also to Lily, who is charmed by him despite her reservations. When he tries to leg it with some of Pearl’s valuables a chance action from David stops him in his tracks.
Meanwhile, a drunken Nicola and Jimmy get it together in the back of one of the King’s trucks. They fall asleep and the van is then taken out so the couple end up on an unplanned trip. When she finally gets back to Home Farm she is sent home by Natasha who disapproves of her unkempt appearance. With Nicola’s rough luck turn around?
Emmerdale Spoilers: Jack dies in Spain