Emmerdale Spoilers: Jasmine confesses to murder

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Donna goes to Zak’s birthday party and makes some interesting connections between Debbie and Eli’s behaviour and a feedbag in the barn – identical to the one used to wrap Shane’s body.  When she discovers that those types of bags were discontinued ten years ago, she is sure Eli is to blame. She takes her evidence to DC Williams and the police drag him away for questioning.

When he gets out of the cells he storms over to Marlon and tells him that Donna has been seeing Ross in prison. At first he doesn’t believe Eli but Donna confesses – and so he tells her their marriage is over – and that his one true love was Tricia. Can they overcome this hurdle – and will she be able to convince him that divorce isn’t the answer?

Meanwhile, Natasha is worried about Katie and Mark’s friendship and tells her to find another office. When Katie tells Mark about it, he plans to fight her case. Not so for Rodney who is relieved of his position as estate manager. Mark is also suspicious of Jimmy and starts collecting “evidence” against him – but Jamie discovers the file. How will Mark get out of that?
Elsewhere, Lily leads Paul to a surprise meeting with Jonny. The pair are delighted to realise they both still love each but their reconciliation is stopped in its tracks when Jonny asserts his life is now in Australia and the reason for his visit was to convince Paul to move with him. Paul is torn but says that he can’t leave because of Rodney’s condition. Will his mother’s lies ruin Paul’s life?

Laurel tries to talk to Jasmine about the family’s concerns about her behaviour and she breaks down – eventually confessing to killing Shane. What will Laurel do with that news?
Meanwhile, the Kings move the business back into Pear Tree and in spite of the circumstances pledge to make it work. Jimmy gives Scarlett the task of cold calling to get new business in an effort to bore her into wanting to go to college. After a morning of hopelessness Scarlett changes tack and returns to Pear Tree with a new client, having spoken to the father of a friend. Jimmy’s plan backfires spectacularly as Scarlett pushes for a promotion and Carl is impressed with her contacts. Have Jimmy’s dreams for Scarlett’s education gone up in smoke?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Jasmine confesses to murder