Coronation Street Spoilers: Rosie makes a dramatic escape

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Fiz and John return from their romantic weekend away and John is super-keen to go to his gran’s to “feed the cat”. A taxi job comes first though and as he rushes off to work he leaves his keys and mobile behind. Fiz quickly becomes concerned about the moggy when she hears that Lloyd hasn’t fed it while they’ve been away. Taking matters into her own hands she decides to head to John’s gran’s to feed the cat herself. What is she about to find?

It doesn’t take long for John to find out where Fiz’s heading and he rushes over to the house to get there first.

At the house, Rosie is ready for her kidnapper’s return. She’s armed herself with a towel rail and is ready to attack John as soon as he arrives.

When John gets there he finds Fiz heading up the stairs to investigate some noises she’s heard. He has no choice but to admit what he’s done. Fiz is stunned and sickened to hear how her boyfriend has Rosie captive in the attic. The two make their way upstairs and Rosie puts her plan into action. She knocks John unconscious and flees, with Fiz in hot pursuit. Eventually Fiz catches up and they call the police.

Back on the street, the Websters are delighted to hear that Rosie is returning to them. Sally quizzes her daughter about what’s been going on and Rosie is forced to admit the truth about the video of Liam and Carla kissing.

Poor Fiz spends the next few days convincing everyone, including the police, that she had no idea what John had done. Will she manage to convince everyone of her innocence?
Maria is growing increasingly concerned about the number of calls on Liam’s mobile to Carla. She speaks with Tom about it who tries to convince her that they were probably about Liam’s stag do. But when Maria answers the mobile to someone asking about Lad Rags, she’s furious. Is she getting closer to finding out the truth about Liam and Carla?

Steve’s pretty unhappy this week too. He’s worried when Dan starts winding him up about Becky and soon suspects that he knows something. Is Steve right to be fearful?

Elsewhere in the street, Peter is struggling with fatherhood. When Ken grills him about young Simon’s future, Peter just seems to grow wearier. Things take a turn for the worst when Peter decides that he’s going to do a bunk and leave his son with Ken and Deidre. But Ken gets wind of his son’s plans and puts a stop to them.

Janice is in trouble, she’s due in court for lottery fraud. Leanne is just relieved that her mum’s kept her name out of it. Janice ends up getting community service, but she’s in for a tougher time persuading the girls at the factory to befriend her again. Has she gone too far this time?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Rosie makes a dramatic escape