Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Louise and Jamie live happily ever after?

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Edna meets up with Peter and pleas with him to return the car. A selfish Peter insists that he’s sold it and invested the money. The two soon have a huge row and Peter meanly tells her that his relationship with her and Lily means nothing to him. He storms off leaving.

Edna devastated. She can’t bring herself to admit the truth and so tells Lily that Peter’s paid her back. Edna plans to find a way to come up with the money herself. How on earth will she do that?

Edna then leads Lily to the factory to admit the truth to everyone. She tells a shocked audience that she’s planning to pay them all back. Poor Lily is scorned by her colleagues.

The stress takes its toll on Lily’s health and she collapses. Val claims that it’s all part of her dishonest act. But Lily is clearly quite poorly and as the week progresses her symptoms get worse.

A few days later, Rodney insists on taking Lily to the hospital where she undergoes a number of tests. It turns out she has a cerebral aneurism that requires immediate surgery. But Lily tells Rodney that she won’t have it. Will he be able to make her see sense?

Jo has her own troubles over at Butlers. She gets a visit from local farmhand Mick Naylor who complains that her broken fence has caused some of his cows to escape. The situation gets worse when it turns out that Sam has mistakenly sold some of Mick’s cows instead of Jo’s. A desperate Jo is bailed out by Diane who foots the bill. But is Jo losing her grip on the farm?

Later in the week tensions between Jo and the Naylor’s subside when they find a way of working together. Diane helps out by offering to pay Mick to help Jo out around the farm.
Andy is not best pleased to hear this news out. He’s in an even worse mood when he finds out that Jo is getting friendly with Mick’s grandson, Lee. Has Jo found someone to move on with already? And will Andy manage to keep his temper about it all?

Brenda has romance on her mind too. She’s pleased that Bob seems to be in a better mood and gives herself the credit for it. But Bob has no idea that she likes him. Is Brenda about to make a fool of herself by misreading signs? Gennie certainly thinks so.

Anna and Matthew return from their trip, but Anna is not happy when Matthew entertains a new business client. She’s jealous when Matthew flirts with the woman and can’t help but make an obvious attempt to ruin the deal. Furious, Matthew drags her outside to find out what’s going on. It doesn’t take long for Anna to admit her love for Matthew. What will he say and does he feel the same way?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Louise and Jamie live happily ever after?