Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Anna’s love for Matthew overcome his lies?

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Anna is summoned to a De Souza board meeting, fully intending to sell her shares in the business. Instead, she is floored to discover that De Souza is the major shareholders in Polek Haulage. Meanwhile, the Kings discover they have until the end of the day to raise funds or else the creditors will liquidate their assets. When Anna returns from the meeting, Matthew is furious to hear about the situation, almost cancelling the wedding.

Bailiffs arrive in the middle of the preparations and cause chaos at Home Farm. When Carl finds out De Souza own their proposed investor he bursts into Anna and Matthew’s wedding demanding they stop the ceremony – and hitting his brother in the face before revealing to Anna the truth about her father’s death. Will she put the facts behind her and marry the man she loves?
The villagers decide that the King family is cursed as the repossession of properties continue. Meanwhile, they watch from Mill Cottage, which has been saved from the process as the other properties cover the debt.

Elsewhere, when Edna has to make room for Lily’s return, Nicola finds herself in need of new living arrangements. She tries to rebuild her relationship with David but it seems he has his eye on another. As other options for a home and work in the village close down, Nicola seeks solace in the Church. Finding her former friend deep in prayer, Laurel takes pity on her and offers for her to stay at Mulberry.
Also, Lee is pleased to spend time around the farm helping Jo. He fixes an old drain pipe and then agrees to go to the suppliers for her. He calls at the Woolpack to pick up some paperwork and is forced to give Andy a lift. Andy uses the opportunity to cause trouble – with dire consequences for Jo.
Jo is grateful when Andy agrees to help her but Daz is shocked to find him at the farm and though Jo explains the situation, it’s clear that there’s no love lost between the brothers. Daz suspects that Andy is deliberately sabotaging the farm so he can be around Jo. Andy strongly denies this, but Lee catches him loosening some seals on the washing machine, and Daz is proved right.

After finding out that Andy is sabotaging everything, Jo orders him to leave. Later, Lee discovers a broken Jo crying at Butlers as the weight of her problems bears down on her. Jo realises that her only option is to leave the village and begs Lee to help her. How will she escape from her life of misery?

Meanwhile, Bob attempts to bring some cheer back into the village by suggesting a Christmas Day meal for the Hopes, Terry, TJ and Brenda. However, Terry is torn when he receives a postcard from Jean asking for TJ to visit in Morocco over the festive period. Terry is touched when Brenda encourages him to take TJ to visit Jean for Christmas. Is Terry and Brenda’s relationship growing stronger?