Emmerdale Spoilers: Does Nicola upset Pollard’s plans for the church?

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Jasmine is plagued by nightmares following the disposal of Shane’s body. Debbie and Eli do their best to help and burn evidence as they tell Jasmine to try and carry on as normal. She finally resolves not to let Shane’s murder ruin her life and she gets on with writing a story about the possible church closure. Debbie is relieved but can the girls get on with their lives?

Meanwhile, Paddy tells Ross he wants him to leave and is surprised when his cousin agrees. Noticing Ross packing his bags, Donna seeks him out to find out what’s going on. Ross tells Donna that he’s going away for a while but Donna is crushed to suspect that Ross is really saying goodbye.

Elsewhere, Lisa and Zak urge Chas to lay down the law with Aaron when he’s found having broken into the cricket pavilion but when his father turns up and claims Aaron has trashed his office they invent an alibi for the boy.

Also, the church choir get their first gig as Ashley arranges a performance in front of the nursery. Gennie is hit by a crisis of confidence and so Nicola arranges for Betty to mime Gennie’s performance while the latter provides vocals from behind a screen. Pollard and David suss from the brilliant performance that Nicola has turned on them and vow to take matters into their own hands. When it doesn’t work out, David ends his relationship with Nicola and spills the beans about their original plan.
But it seems Pollard has done his worst and the Bishop delivers some news – that his offer for the church has been accepted. Can Ashley and Laurel face a life away from the village?

Meanwhile, Matthew is pained to see Anna wrestling with her emotions as Donald’s hearse pulls up at Home Farm. After the service, Carl receives a phone call and tells his brothers that the business is in trouble as they still haven’t received a penny from Polek and now other backers are calling in debts. Knowing there’s no other option, Matthew asks Anna for a loan and she agrees to back the Kings to the tune of £35,000 – but as the pressure mounts she offers to release her equity in De Souza to save them. Matthew feels guilty but will he come clean?

Meanwhile, Lily has a fall at home then passes out and Rodney so he persuades her to go to hospital. Edna doesn’t like Lily’s relationship with Rodney and in defending himself he nearly lets slip the truth about her illness. He tries to get Lily to tell Edna about the operation but she fails – so when she legs it from the hospital he feels compelled to tell all. Edna supports her sister through the operation and is relieved when everything turns out fine. Edna comes clean about the raffle money and Lily is horrified that Peter didn’t repay the money, but is touched her sister sacrificed her savings to help her.
Emmerdale Spoilers: Does Nicola upset Pollard’s plans for the church?