Formula 1 boss receives apology over homophobia allegations at tribunal

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An employment tribunal in Southampton has come to an end with an apology from the man who brought the case.

Peter Boland, 27, had claimed that he was dismissed an employee on the grounds of his sexual orientation by Ron Dennis, the McLaren chief, and three of his companies; McLaren Group Ltd, Absolute Taste and Greyscape.

Mr Dennis and the three companies denied all the allegations.

Mr Boland, who worked as a steward for Mr Dennis aboard his private jet, was sacked in May 2007 at the team’s headquarters in Woking after five years of service.

Today, after discussions between the two parties, Mr Boland read a statement to the tribunal hearing.

In it he “unreservedly” apologised to Mr Dennis, all respondents, and the tribunal, for “wasting their time with what I now realise were unfounded allegations.”

He apologised to Mr Dennis for claiming he is racist or homophobic, “or that he ever made any remarks or performed any actions that would suggest that he was.

“I feel great remorse for the upset that I now realise I have needlessly caused to him, to his family and to his colleagues.”

Mr Dennis told The Sun that he had admitted to unfair dismissal “out of kindness” and he had been “totally vindicated” by Mr Boland’s apology.

“This case has been hurtful, irritating and unnecessary, in the sense that no impropriety ever took place, which fact Mr Boland now concedes,” he said.

“Equally, Mr Boland accepts that I have never said or done anything either racist or homophobic.”