Gay retailer clonezone goes into administration

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Clonezone, one of the world’s largest gay retail chains, has officially gone into administration. contacted them for information on what would happen to their business and the people working for it.

We were told that: “We are not releasing any information or speaking to the press until next week.”

Clonezone who have been running a massive internet sale have seemingly run into insurmountable financial difficulty.
The company who operate 10 stores nationwide also own a website and a mail order catalogue as part of their clonezone business portfolio.

After the recent haemorrhaging of money that the high street has seen with casualties including British staples Woolworths and MFI going bust it was only a matter of time before more niche and specialist retailers such as clonezone were also hit.

According to a survey carried out in 2006 by the readers of Gay Times gay men earn up to £10,000 more than their straight counterparts.

This massive difference in salary led to the coining of the phrase the ’pink pound’ which was always relied upon by businesses and advertisers as being an easily accessible source of revenue.

However, now that this disposable income is not as readily available as it once was people are hanging onto their surplus cash and refraining from investing in leisure activities and as a direct result of this gay businesses are going to suffer.

When tried to pin clonezone down to a date that they will confirm their demise to their customers clonezone said: “We are not sure.”